Svea, Paavo, and Daddy: reunited

After being gone for 10 days on my California tour, I was thrilled to come home to Dawn and the kiddos. Of course, my normal life involves 10 hours per day of solo parenting of my 3 year old son Paavo and my 6 month old daughter Svea, so yesterday (Monday) I was back in the Daddy role full-time. Both kids seem to have matured a LOT since I last saw them. 10 days is a long time when you're a baby/pre-schooler. The three of us had a great reunion day, and we utilized the awesome weather to hit the Lake Calhoun Beach in Minneapolis.

Paavo had a great moment that made his musician-Daddy proud. I had Svea laying across my knees, and she was hanging her head upside down looking around and smiling. Paavo stepped back, checked out her position, and said "She looks like a lap-steel." That's my boy!


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