California Tour, Day 3: In to Berkeley, Out of Roseville

(Hey I just tried to post a picture of me at In-And-Out Burger, but it didn't work! I'll try to add it tomorrow. Rats!) I'd write more in detail about my awesome Sunday on tour in California, but I'm really getting sleepy....but here's the basic idea.

Got up this morning at 6AM to eat giant waffles with the Herlocker family, while listening to the Best of the B-52s...these Californians love their '80s new wave.

Played the Heartland Liturgy with the folks at Bethel Lutheran Church. They've been using the music for quite a while and really had it figured out. A couple parishioners told me they could see me getting misty-eyed when I'd start a song and the entire group would begin singing loudly, clearly, and confidently. It was a powerful thing...made me feel not just like a singer/songwriter or guitar playin' dude...I felt like a COMPOSER. Also met some more wonderful folks, including many fellow Finlanders, and Yoopers-in-exile.

Finished up my time in the Capital City with the ritualistic pilgrimage to In-And-Out Burger, a restaurant that we don't have in the Midwest. Here's a picture of me with my pals Mollie and Maggie...they got me my own paper hat.

Got back in the rental car and rolled on down the highway back to the Bay Area. The gig in Berkeley tonight was quite exhilarating, fun, surprising, and delightful. I got some cool pix tonight, but they're not ready to post quite yet, so I'll try to do it tomorrow. Tune in later for details of tonight's show...

My brain is fried, so I must go to sleep. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful day. I'll close with a good line from the sermon I heard this morning:
"Resurrection only works on the dead."


Mollie Herlocker said…
Hooray! You spelled my name right!

Also, I'm glad you liked our giant waffles! :)

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