California Tour, Day 1: El Cerrito

Yawn....just rolled in here an hour ago, where I'm staying at my super-cool aunt and uncle's house across the bay from San Francisco. What a wacky day I've had so far!
MORNING: the normal routine caring for Paavo and Svea
NOON: ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class with the kids....I spend some time working on art projects with Paavo, then I go to a parenting class for an hour. Today's topic in the parent class: Birth Order. And, yup, according to the stats, I'm a classic first-born child. And so is Paavo, as far as I can tell.
AFTERNOON: back home, late lunch, potty accident, load the car for the airport, etc.
4PM: drive downtown listening to Best of Marshall Crenshaw CD in the car, sit in traffic on Hwy 62. Meet Dawn at her building, give her the wheel, and jump out of the car with my luggage.
4:30PM: hop the light rail train to the airport, with crowds of everyday commuters
5PM: get to the airport! Check my bag, get some food, find my gate, read Rolling Stone with Pink Floyd on the cover. I'm just not into Pink Floyd. I just don't care. I like Night Ranger much more than Pink Floyd.
7PM: my plane takes off from Minneapolis, bound for San Francisco. Turbulence is bad the whole way...there were moments of tension! But I got a lovely sunset view of Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake right out my airplane window. The flight took about four hours, and I read the entire time: I scrounged the purple section of USA Today, and read about three weeks of backlogged issues of The Onion that I brought from home. Great feature interview in the AV Club with writer/performer Mindy Kaling from the TV show The Office.
9PM California time: safe arrival in San Francisco!
10PM: I'm in my rental car, zipping over the Bay Bridge listening to KFOG on the radio...a cool station playing Friday the 13th superstition-themed songs, including "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder, "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR, and "the Lucky One" by Allison Krauss. Good radio!
10:30PM: a great reunion with my aunt and uncle, Mimi and Warren Hill. And Finnish coffee bread for an evening snack! It's just like home.

I'm thrilled to be on tour, and I'm looking forward to a ton of cool gigs and events in the next 10 days. I'll try to blog often, and hopefully I'll figure out how to post some pix as well. Time for bed! Feels GOOOOD to be back on the road.


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