California Tour, Day 4: San Francisco to Oceanside (yesterday)

Okay, almost caught up to the present day.

Yesterday was the only day on this tour where I had no real official business/gigs to accomplish. Woke up at my aunt and uncle's house, had more Finnish coffee bread for breakfast, and hit the road at 9AM for a morning cruise across the Bay Bridge. Man, I loved having that auxiliary audio jack in the rental car, allowing me to run my iPod right into the car stereo! Michael McDonald's "I Keep Forgettin'" came on, and I played it about 5 times in a row.

I got to the airport, returned the car, jumped through the security hoops, and pulled up a stool at an airport bar where I was shocked to see TV coverage of the VA Tech shooting. One of those horrible moments like the OK City bombing, etc., where I'll probably always remember where I was when it occurred.

My flight to LA was uneventful...I love looking out the window when flying over LA and seeing all the houses with swimming pools. The Beverly Hillbillies weren't kidding. For a boy from Ishpeming, MI, an outdoor pool at a private home is still a pretty amazing sight.

After landing I picked up yet another rental car (no aux audio jack! rats!) and crawled down the 405 freeway for an hour listening to talk radio. Eventually I made it down to Oceanside, CA, where I got a hotel, walked down to the beach, and walked out to the end of Oceanside pier. Surfers were zipping around up and down the coast, and the sun set behind a giant battleship out in the sea. A gorgeous evening, beautiful weather, and good people-watching. Sat in the outdoor hot-tub, got some dinner, sniffed around Barnes & Noble, and jumped into bed for a nerve-wracking viewing of the movie United 93 on HBO. I was afraid to see this movie, but I'm sure glad I's really incredible, and ultimately inspiring. Went to bed. It was a much-needed day for personal time, quiettude, and relaxation.

Woke up the next morning, which is today. I'll tell you about today later. Time to set up for the gig.


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