California Tour, Day 3: Berkeley (continued)

(I'm trying not to fall behind with the daily's the rest of the news regarding Sunday night.)

The concert was co-sponsored by Lutheran Church of the Cross (the Finnish congregration in the photo below) and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. This resulted in my favorite demographic for a concert audience: young adult seminary students, church leaders, and musicians. It was a BLAST. The fun was compounded by the presence of some musical friends of mine, Eric & Stephanie Luedtke (drums, bass) and Hans Peterson (vocals) who became my band with barely a rehearsal and did an awesome job playing along on a whole pile of songs. Here's my rough memory of a set-list from Sunday night in Berkeley:

Jonathan solo:
were you there
workin' my committee
o morning star
glory in the highest
smart girls
hey hey samuel
we're creating monsters
closed out...

Jonathan with band:
gospel verses
the serious kind
lamb of God
holy holy holy
treasurer's report
continental divide
canticle for departure

I think I'm forgetting a few, but that was the general idea. It's always fun to find myself in a situation where it's appropriate to play "Closed Out..." so that was a highlight for me. And there's something really cool and fun about playing "Gospel Verses" with a band...I end up channeling Buddy Miller or something. Oh, and it was a VERY rare occasion where the band was familiar with "Holy Holy Holy" from the Heartland Liturgy, so I really enjoyed that.

After the gig, Eric, Steph, and Hans joined me at a cozy little cafe for some food. One of my favorite parts about being a musician is the after-party, and this was a good one. We caught up with all the changes in our lives these past few years, and discussed other important things like vocation, life in California, and the unbeatable rocking-ness of Liz Phair.

Then I went back to my aunt and uncle's house for more Finnish coffee bread.


Every time I've seen you perform (well, it's only been three times: twice in churches, once at Lifefest), I've wished you would sing Closed time I'll just work up my courage and ask,huh?

Lisa H. said…
As a native Californian raised in an LCMS church I wonder what made PTLS an appropriate place to play Closed Out. I like the song, don't get me wrong, the ridiculousness of inter-Lutheran conflict drives me nuts and what happened to you angers me, but I hope the song was intended to remind the audience of how we often live our faith in a denominational bubble of self-righteousness or something along those lines. (Yes, I'm guilty of it too.) [PS I take communion at the church I grew up in everytime I go back to Santa Cruz, no questions asked]
semfem said…
It would just figure that you play in Berkeley at a PLTS-sponsored concert _after_ I graduated from there! Hrmph. :)

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