Aerial tour of Ishpeming, MI, my hometown.

I just discovered this surprising little video. The first third of it is pretty much just shots of the new hospital, BUT after 2:00 minutes it gets really interesting.

At 3:08 and 3:45 my parents' house can be seen just up Oak Street Hill a few blocks from the edge of Lake Bancroft. At 4:28 the former house of my Great-Grandma Kaijala can be seen in the lower center of the screen, and at 5:05 he's flying over Division Street, with my Grandpa Roberts' house (where my Mom grew up) just out of the frame on the left side.

From the air good old Ishpeming looks really small and a bit dumpy. Nice views of junkyards, flooded mine pits and industrial garages, eh? Those three huge Cliffs Shaft towers are breathtaking, though. What a skyline!

My Dad knows this pilot, and the locals frequently see him buzzing around in his motorized parachute.


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