Kuortane: the last song for my new album

Pending some unforeseen situation, the last note of music for my forthcoming new album was recorded this afternoon. I tracked an acoustic instrumental arrangement of the 19th Century Finnish folk melody "Kuortane," and it turned out really cool. 

The song is named for the town in Finland where it originated over 100 years ago. Here's a map if you wanna take a road trip. I became familiar with its lovely melody because it's the tune for the hymn text "We Are All One In Mission" found in some recent American Lutheran hymnals. I was amazed to find out the tune's origins, because I've been to the town of Kuortane in Finland...it's the familial hometown of my maternal Grandmother! Back in 2001 I went to Kuortane and visited the church (see the cross on the map?) right near the lake, and saw the place where my ancestors were baptized, married, and buried.

I recorded the song in my cousin Bruce's basement studio, Salt Lady North. It was the last bit of work I've needed to accomplish for my upcoming new album, which is shaping up to be an epic beast with about 20 songs. 

I also learned this afternoon that my fuel tank for new songs has run dry. I've been in a pretty exciting creative phase these past six months, cranking out lots of songs I'm really happy about, and songs I hope you listeners will enjoy later this Summer when the album comes out. But now that the project is almost ready for manufacturing, my brain and soul are exhausted!

I'm out the door right now to play a show tonight at the Thirsty Fish Pub in Houghton. Maybe I'll see some of you readers at the gig!


Aaron said…
Jonathan -

I'm geeked about the new CD project. Since we've heard a little bit about the creative process leading up to this one - and an inside look at an artist's life - I think we have even more anticipation than usual. Keep up the good work; looking forward to this new collection of RundmanRock! By the way, I like that hymn tune as well. Good choice!

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