Kip Winger in my kitchen.

Hey, who is that peering from behind the spatulas? Is it....could it be....yes, it IS Kip Winger! Singer/bassist from late-'80s spandex-metal band Winger!

What's he doing in my kitchen?

I read online somewhere that the Kip Winger solo album sounded not unlike Toy Matinee, a slick and sophisticated studio-pop band that I adore. Thanks to the magic of CD trading site I was able to obtain this Kip Winger CD, and gol darn it, it DOES sound like Toy Matinee!

So, I've been keeping Kip by the spatulas and listening to him while I do the dishes. Good stuff, Kip!


I have that cd as well all of teh otehrs--he is rleasing a new one with Winger...ggod stuff!

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