Thanks for the concern...the Rundmans are OK.

Hey friends around the world: thanks for the bunches of concerned emails we received after the tragic collapse of the 35W bridge in Minneapolis a couple days ago. Dawn, Paavo, Svea, and I were safely away from downtown when it happened. This is an event that will have serious impact on the lives of Twin Cities residents for years to come...however it all works out, give your family members some extra hugs tonight, and appreciate how all our lives our so precious and fragile! For me, this Summer has provided a bit too many harsh reminders of our mortality.

Tonight I'm up North in Brainerd, MN at the first-ever family reunion for Dawn's side of the family. It's been a great day of visiting, relaxing, and feasting.

Regarding the previous, I should probably just totally avoid blogging about faith, politics, and other "hot button" issues 'cause I just don't have the energy to conduct an on-line debate site. I think the comments speak for themselves (in both encouraging and discouraging ways), and in the light of the community's response to this bridge collapse, it feels to me like yet another reminder that love can transcend divisions.


Jason said…
Thats great to hear. Whenever I saw the news of the event, I immediately thought of y'all and have checked the blog every now and then for an update. Anyway, keep on blogging about the "hot button" issues. Always good to see another point of view!

Lisa H. said…
Glad to hear you're all OK. The folks at Bethel all asked me about you -- so I said I'd keep checking the Blog for an update. Glad to see one tonight.

Don't stop commenting on "hot button" topics -- that's what I read your blog for (and listen for in your lyrics) :)

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