I am Not Lame

Fans of power pop music around the globe are familiar with Not Lame, a record label and on-line retail site operated by world-class power pop guru Bruce Brodeen.

I'm very pleased to announce that my newest release, The Best of Jonathan Rundman: 20 Songs from the 20th Century has been reviewed (on the front page!) and made available to the power pop community via Not Lame. It's exciting for me to be included in a musical fraternity that includes songwriting heroes of mine such as Bill Lloyd, Jason Falkner, and Parthenon Huxley.

The Not Lame record review is also loaded with great stuff, and I'm thrilled to receive such accolades. Link to it here, and read this selected text:

2 CD set, subtitled "20 Songs From The 20th Century". This is a 40 collection featuring remastered, remixed, and renovated recordings of Jonathan's early tunes like "Armyman," "Janesville," and "Tape," plus some previously unreleased gems like "The Sound of the Cicadas." Echoes of Barenaked Ladies, Danny Wilde And The Rembrants, mid/late 80s/90's Squeeze, Marshall Crenshaw, Timbuk 3(remember them?!) and more recent faves like David Brookings and Peter Himmelman. Rundman is knows his away a lot of styles of music - pure pop, folky pop and a bit of 'ole fashion Americana and it shines all over the material. And, he's Lutheran! (my father was a bishop in the Lutheran church and I'm a product of good midwestern Lutheran college and still proud Lutheran, which of course has nothing to do with the music here, but you start yr own company and write whatever you want and have fun!). 40 songs is a lot to chew on, but take it all in, break it up, Rundman is an easy salve in a complex, deeply nuanced world and this material is the rare combination of pleasant and meaty. Very Highly Recommended.

Wow...thanks Bruce! More of my major music influences here, including Danny Wilde, Marshall Crenshaw, and Pat MacDonald of Timbuk 3. And I had no idea that Bruce Brodeen was a fellow Lutheran, so that's just denominational icing on the cake! Thanks to Not Lame and power pop fans around the world for the support!


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