We are the X-Men of Lutheran Church resource artists.

For some random reason, many of us musicians/artists that travel around the country sharing our creativity with Lutheran Churches happen to live here in the Twin Cites of Minnesota. So once a month or so we have lunch together. I suppose, if we were Los Angeles musicians in the '70s, it would be like a monthly lunch meeting with Don Henley, Glen Frey, Linda Rondstadt, Warren Zevon, and Jackson Browne. Here's a photo from last month:
Top row is: Baby Owen Rimbo, Dave Scherer (Agape), Troy Loken (manager/booker of Lost And Found), Justin Rimbo, Aimee & Joel Pakan (Tangled Blue), me & my daughter Svea.
Bottom row is: Nica & Charlotte & Wes Halula (Happy Fun Time), Micah Taylor

We all occupy a weird niche in showbiz and church-work. There's great comfort and support amongst other folks who understand this strange vocation. It's fun and meaningful to get together and share our triumphs and tragedies. And to eat, too. During our most recent shindig, we took a moment to celebrate Svea's 2nd birthday!


Anonymous said…
This just fuels my strong longing for a Jonathan Rundman/Tangled Blue concert!


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