"Earth and All Stars" for Cy Warmanen

Here's a video of me playing "Earth and All Stars" (lyrics written by Herbert Brokering) from last week's show in Cambridge, WI. This coming weekend is the anniversary of the death of Rev. Cy Warmanen (of Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp fame) who taught this song to me when I was in elementary school and the LBW hymnal was new.

Also, this weekend is the once-every-three-years chance to hear the reading about King Cyrus in the lectionary cycle...another great way to remember the life and music and joy of Cy Warmanen!


Anne said…
Hey, can you change the settings on your blog so that I can get the whole post in my Google Reader feed? Yours is the only one I just get a few lines from. I have to choose whether I want to click over to your blog to read the whole thing or just scroll down to the next post.
Anonymous said…
Very nice tribute to Pastor Cy. For whatever reason, I was thinking about him tonight and when I Google'd his name, this popped up. Very cool. This song makes me think of Pastor Cy, too.
Anonymous said…
Rev. Herb Brokering, who wrote the song, "Earth and All Stars", recently died (Nov 7, 2009). I enjoyed listening to it here on your site. Thank you. Also, please pray for and remember Herb Brokering the next time you pick up your guitar to sing.

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