Sick of Summer, Welcome Autumn: a look back in photos

I'm sick of Summer. Thank goodness that Fall officially arrived on Sunday. I'm tired of being hot and sweaty. I want to wear pants. I want to wear a coat. I want to be cool and dry. Although I'm thrilled to be entering my favorite season of Autumn, I thought it might be fun to reflect on some of my favorite moments of this past season, the Summer of 2008.

The first highlight was Dawn's 20 year high school reunion, held in Escanaba, MI over the 4th of July weekend. Here's me and my girl on our way to the big reunion dinner. It was fun to see old friends, and remember those glorious Reagan years. They played Rick Springfield during the dance. I love Rick.

Had some great musical opportunites this past Summer, and the big highlights were getting to play on the main stage of some festivals here in the Midwest. In mid July I did a series of performances at LiFest in OshKosh, WI. I got to perform on the main stage with my long-time collaborators Beki Hemingway and Echelon. Here are some cool shots of that set, photographed by the media-queen Tracy Apps.

Then, at the end of July, I got to play a couple sets on the main stage at FinnFest 2008 in Duluth, MN, one of them with an acclaimed country/bluegrass band from Finland, the Ninni Poijarvi Trio. Here are some photos taken by my Mom from my soundcheck on that amazing stage overlooking the city on one side, the harbor on the other. What a venue!


Dave said…
That Duluth bayfront venue is indeed amazing. Saw Wilco there last September and even when it's in the 40s and misting it's still a great venue.

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