More celebrity lookalikes at age 37

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It's been kind of a fun tradition for me to use the MyHeritage face recognition software somewhere around my birthday each year. Here are the results for a couple of current photos of yours truly. I'm 37 years old now, a prime number. I guess the thing about my current age that seems kind of new for me is that, more so than ever before, I FEEL old, and I feel like I LOOK old, too. Not old, like 80, but old like, somebody's suburban Dad. Which is what I am. I'm struggling with some body image issues these days, but at the same time, I'm also developing a more pronounced "who cares" attitude about it. It's as if I'm getting MORE and LESS worried about it at the same time.

My job is to stand on stage in front of groups of people, and I think that that reality contributes to my struggles with my physical appearance. I imagine it's true for anybody with an "up front" profession: teachers, pastors, TV newscasters, even sales people. But folks in the performing arts, especially. And of course I'm totally aware of the truth of life, and of After-School-Specials: it's what's on the inside that counts. But the fallen nature of humanity is forcing me to be a bit too self-aware. At least I have a computer to tell me that I look like Hilary Duff and Glenn Danzig. There's some relief in that, I suppose.


Anne said…
The computer is not your friend, the computer is lying. I am your friend, you do not look like Hilary Duff. There, now you know. You do have the same expression on your face as Heidi Klum, though.

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