parenting exhaustion, dog days of Summer, Ronnie Wood, etc.

I think I'm in the dog days of Summer. Don't know exactly what that means, but I think it has to do with oppressive heat, boredom, and drudgery. I love these kiddos, but man, it's hard work.

My exciting tours, travels, and vacations are pretty much done, and it leaves me at home during the midweek with nothing to do but parent these two preschoolers. I've been spending a lot of evenings at home, too, so it ends up being a loooong day of parenting. I'm up with Paavo and Svea around 8AM, and I'm doing the dog and pony show until 5:30pM when Dawn gets home. I get a small break during the evening news, but then I'm back at the Daddying until both kids are down and sleeping, which is usually around 10PM. That means I'm basically on the job for 14 hours straight. It's frying my brain.

I don't like going outside 'cause it's humid and over 90 degrees. And the sun would bake the children to a crisp. So I try to do inside things. Laundry is good...switching loads and folding clothes can take all morning long. Paavo plays with Star Wars action figures, Svea plays with her baby dolls, I turn on Air America talk radio, and I fold fold fold fold clothes.

This Friday I fly off to Texas to play music for the weekend, so it'll be a nice break from the relentless parenting.

Ronnie Wood is playing a major role in my life these days. I'm currently reading his autobiography "Ronnie." It's a good read, and quite inspiring for an aspiring young musician such as myself.

I'm also viewing a lot of Ronnie lately 'cause I found a used copy of the Rolling Stones' DVD set "Four Flicks," a 7+ hour pile of concert footage and interviews and bonus features from their 2002 world tour. They're such a great band, and Ronnie rocks throughout.

I've also been listening to Ronnie. Tonight when I washed the dishes I played his album Gimme Some Neck and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't get enough Ronnie lately...his solo work, his stuff with the Stones, and especially his mind blowingly great guitar playing on those old Rod Stewart and Faces albums.

I think I read someplace that Ronnie is in rehab again, right now. Prayers and well wishes go out to him from me. Again, another reality check that fame and money and great rock and roll do not bring happiness in and of themselves.


Oh, Jonathan, I feel ya on the dog days/childcare conundrum! When M & L were tiny, our favorite get-outta-the house thing was Wild Rumpus over in Linden Hills - stories, animals, good times. When I could get us together enough to do it, slathering them up with sun screen and sitting in the shallow water, playing in the gross, dirty sand at Lake Harriet was always calming for me and fun for them. (not that you were asking for advice ...) Glad you're posting again - I always appreciate your perspectives!
mellowman said…
Fellow SAHD (of 7 years) here...

I feel your pain. It's hard because you don't really get any time off, and your "bosses" are really demanding of you. We go to the library a lot and find a shady park to play at. Having a good network of other at home dads to join in activities with is a plus, too.

So what I'm saying is "call me" and we'll playdate! *wink*

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