Death of the once-prestigious superbad Simpsons ultimatum

I'm a real movie fan, but recent years of parenthood have prevented me from viewing most of the films I'd hoped to see. However this past week provided me with some fantastic childcare, allowing me (and Dawn, once, too) to enjoy the cinema. Below are my quick reviews of the SIX movies I caught this past week:

ONCE - Grade: A
Wonderfully joyful and sad at the same time, with beautiful, natural performances and sublime original music. A must-see for songwriters. This movie inspired me to do many things, including: travel to Europe; write more songs; be a street performer; live simply; wear scarves; investigate the Irish rock band The Frames. One of the best movies I've seen in many years, and the most romantic movie I've seen since "Before Sunrise" a decade ago. See it see it see it. This film makes the world a better place.

I loved the first two movies in this series, so my expectations were high (and universal glowing reviews set the bar high, as well). Damon is cool, the chase scenes were exciting, and everything was good, but the plot was just....ehhh. Seemed to depend too much on the previous two movies, rather than just standing on its own. And I'm sorry, I just can't accept Julia Stiles playing an adult.

I like the TV show, but I don't watch it religiously. The movie certainly is funny, but no more so than just watching your average TV episode. Considering how long it took for the Simpsons to reach the big screen, this thing should have been an A+. But hey, it was still good for some yuks. And the closing-credits choral arrangement of Homer's song "Spider Pig" is almost worth the ticket price by itself!

SUPERBAD - Grade: B-
Now that I saw this movie, I've experienced the entire trilogy of Judd Apatow-produced blockbuster comedies (which also includes "The 40 year old virgin" and "Knocked Up"). I thought "Knocked Up" was the best one (I'd rate it an A-), and thought "...Virgin" was sorta lame...maybe a C+. "Superbad" gets a middling grade as well, mostly for being totally and completely vulgar, with virtually no redeeming qualities...but I laughed and laughed and laughed the whole time. Yes, it's really funny, but it left me with a vaguely depressed and defeated feeling. To know that there are people in the world who totally relate to these characters...(now, don't tell Rush Limbaugh I said this) it's no wonder the terrorists hate us.

Finally, here are a couple movies I caught this week on DVD:

Highly controversial fake-documentary about the fictional future assassination of our current Commander-in-Chief, this movie was not nearly as anti-Bush as the talk radio ranters would have us believe. In fact, if anything, it was non-partisan. The first half of the movie, pre-shooting, is really interesting and suspenseful, and filled with creative editing and photoshopping of stock footage of the real president. Once the deed is done, however, the plot descends into a lame TV-style whodunit mystery and all the steam generated at the beginning just seeps away into nothing. A missed opportunity in general...imagine how interesting it would have been to focus on the national response to such an event? Too bad...this movie takes a major nosedive.

Although this was directed by Chris Nolan who made "Memento," one of my favorite movies, I skipped it in the theater 'cause it looked too much like "period piece"....for whatever reason, I tend to not appreciate any movie that takes place before the invention of the automobile. Now that I rented the DVD, I wish I would've have seen it in the theater! Very interesting and mysterious plot, nice acting from all involved, and a fresh look into the world of the big-production magician. I watched the movie with my brother Tim, who didn't like it as much...he wasn't willing to accept the technological leap required to tie the plot together at the end. I, however, had no problem suspending my disbelief and enjoying it for what it is: an original, exciting, surprising, and sneaky brain teaser.


Bridget Delaney said…
suspending my disbelief

Are you just trying to bring out even MORE of my nerdiness? I am a theater minor, after all. . .

Lovely Stanislavsky's "the willing suspension of disbelief. . ."

Stein Auf!

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