another 400 Bar show, potty-training, etc.

Here's me in the basement of the 400 Bar a couple hours ago. The Tuesday night shows with Michael Morris and band continue, and it was another musically fulfilling evening. Tonight I played 6-string banjo, accordion, and melodica. I still get a bit starstruck whenever I have a gig at the 400...I've done this a zillion times, but there's always a little rush just knowing that the Replacements, etc., have played this very same room. And to be in the, if those walls could talk.

Today (actually, yesterday) was a family landmark because I spent the entire daytime at home working on intentional potty-training with my 3-year-old son Paavo. By Noon we'd been through a couple pairs of "big boy underpants" but he kept the 3rd pair totally dry and clean all afternoon, with seemingly dozens of successful trips to the potty. My glamourous rock and roll lifestyle, eh.

By the time I had to zip over the to the 400 Bar for soundcheck, I was pretty ready for some private time. Funny thing lately, though...I profoundly enjoy my private time out-and-about for only about the first two hours. After that, a subtle feeling of dis-ease sets in, and I really start to miss Dawn, Paavo, and Svea. It's like I just want to see them, check in with them, be sure they're okay. Does that happen to all parents? I remember my previous life, on tour 150 days per year around the country, and always loving it and thriving on it. These days, I really miss my sweetie and those two kiddos.

After soundcheck I went out for dinner (alone...that was nice) at my favorite restaraunt Culvers, where I read the newspaper and the new issue of Entertainment Weekly with the American Idol judges on the cover (Should I watch AI this season? I watched seasons 2 and 4, but skipped the others.). Then I went to Barnes & Noble and sat there reading a couple songwriting books. Nothing too exciting. Came back to the club and sat in the basement for 90 minutes, visiting with Michael and band and reading the graffiti. I was reminded of Pat Tomek of the Rainmakers and his comments about being on tour...all you do for hours each day is WAIT. Wait to load in, wait to soundcheck, wait to play. But once you hit the stage, then it's worth it (mostly). But hey, tonight was a blast, and I'm getting more and more familiar with Michael's songs. He's quite inspiring...every week he whips out a brand new song he had composed only days before. He's got TONS of excellent new tunes at all times. Makes me want to get back to songwriting again, after taking a break from it for these past few years.

Got some interesting blog comments and personal emails regarding my thoughts on the Paste Magazine article from my previous blog post. In fact, the journalist Jason Killingsworth himself wrote me a very nice email about his struggles with that interview. I tell you, just when I'm about to give up on this blog "Nobody reads this thing, no community is being created, blah blah blah" something happens that makes me think I should keep writing.

I've also really enjoyed reading other folks' blogs lately, too. Check out my Father-in-Law Dean Peterson (listed in the right-hand column) and Nate Houge (also in that column)...I spent my lunch time today listening to Nate's self-bootlegged Advent CD. Good stuff man!

Also today, I accomplished the move of my old Salt Lady Records website over to MySpace. The traffic at the webpage site was really low, so rather than paying big bucks each month to have it hosted, I just had the domain redirected to where I can host it for free, post songs, photos, plus do all that crazy be-my-friend crap that the young folks seem to enjoy. All the "cool" record labels are on MySpace, so darn it, so will Salt Lady Records. Eventually I'll post some cool tunes, photos, links to our artists, etc. My main site will continue as my main internet info hub.

As part of my current search for a meaningful social life, I'll be attending a parenting group tomorrow morning sponsored by nearby denominational behemoth Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church. I'll let y'all know how it goes. Gotta get up in 5 hours, and I have yet to take a shower. This is my rock and roll life.


nate said…
Nothing beats a potty trained kid. Go Paavo go! (in the potty that is) Wish I was in town to get to a Morris show - I'm glad you have that outlet - enjoy your parent group peace and thensome, nate.
Anne said…
Can you tell us what Jason Killingsworth said in his email?

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