Facebook is killing this blog.

I don't recall exactly when I started using Facebook. Maybe around Christmastime of last year?

Anyway, in 2009 I noticed that Facebook was THE best way for me to promote concerts, share updates with fans from the road, talk about my musical work and family life, etc. Plus it's waaaay faster and easier than blogging. So I've not been very motivated to slog it out on the blog lately.

However, I continue to be inspired by the bloggers I do encounter. Last month I went to an emerging church conference called Christianity 21 and there I heard from dozens of folks who are serious bloggers, and who really do nice online writing. And I have friends and acquaintances, too, who write excellent blogs. The new post from Nate Houge is a fine, fine example.

So what is the future of Protestant Blog Ethic? I think it'll continue to be a place where I post and comment on YouTube clips (watch for a new clip of my band playing "Continental Divide" coming later this evening), and I suppose I'll always resurface for the occasional long and detailed rant, when the content won't fit in a Facebook status update. If you want regular and concise updates about my musical adventures, my best suggestion is to become a FAN at my Facebook musician Page.

Of course, I'd love to have the time to blog seriously each day. I've got pages and pages of content in my brain just waiting to blow. Some things I'd love to dig into:
+ the big vote at ELCA Churchwide Assembly this past August
+ reviews of my favorite albums
+ thoughts on the music industry
+ discussions on the craft of songwriting/recording
If any of you reading this are big showbiz/media sugardaddies, and you'd like to pay me full time to blog (and help me cover a few hours of childcare each day), help me be an online journalist, seek out and cultivate readership, etc., I'd love to do it. Email me at rundman@gmail.com if you'd like to make me the next Diablo Cody. Or whatever. Until then, I'll try to maintain my indie-folk showbiz career while changing the preschooler's diapers and getting my kindergartener off to the bus stop. And maybe blogging once in a while.


Bridget Delaney said…
You know, the first song played on MTV was "Video Killed the Radio Star." Perhaps you should write a song called, "Facebook Killed the Bloggers" or "Facebook Killed the Blogosphere" or some variation of that!
Diane said…
I feel that facebook has had a negative impact on my blog, and on blogging in general, as well.

I still like to write, though.

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