Insomniaccomplishments CD review in Christian Century magazine

The May 5th issue of Christian Century magazine features a review of my Insomniaccomplishments CD, along with reviews of the new U2 and Billy Bragg projects. Click to read the whole thing.

The text for the review is below. A shout-out for Beki Hemingway, and a mention of Matt Patrick's delicious production work on "I thought you were mine!"

Jaunty Minneapolis Lutheran-rocker Jonathan Rundman returns with an album spurred by bouts of insomnia. The sleepless nights were worth it, as Rundman demonstrates on a delicious minor-key rock hymn "If You Have a Question": "When you lie awake at 3 a.m., trouble running through your mind / You don't need to be afraid to ask, you can leave your fear behind." The prolific Rundman delivers 18 solid songs. He's joined by Denver singer-songwriter Beki Hemingway on the tender ballad "I Thought You Were Mine"; listen for the instrumental break teaming toy piano with mellotron.


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