Metromix review, and 400 Bar recap

Two nights ago I wrapped up my little series of CD release shows with a gig at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis. Here's what the local entertainment publication Metromix had to say:

Local power pop veteran Jonathan Rundman keeps a pretty low profile on the scene, gigging sporadically even as he grabs great press in high profile places (Paste, Billboard). Tonight’s gig at the 400 Bar serves as the CD release party for Insomniaccomplishments, an album the stay at home dad worked on in the wee hours while tending to a newborn baby and battling his own sleeping problems. For music crafted in the dead of night, Rundman’s latest batch of tunes feature remarkably bright and sunny melodies, with a nice balance of acoustic and electric instrumentation that recalls similar top shelf heartland songwriters like Freedy Johnston.

The show was electric and loud, and despite the horrible weather (it took me an hour to drive to the venue) we even had an audience! I had a great band:

me: electric guitar, vocals
Justin Rimbo: bass, vocals
Graham Peterson: drums
Nate Houge: lap steel, mandolin
Mark LaForest: lead guitar

Here was our set-list:

I'm Alive and Sleep Deprived
I Thought You Were Mine
Nothing Downtown
List of Things To Do
Daniel & Peter & Thomas
Get Behind The Wheel
Out Behind The Old Hotel
I Saw Greenland
I Love You With All Of My Mind

Obviously, the set was full of strange and rarely-played songs, which was great fun for me! My faves were "I Thought You Were Mine," "Get Behind The Wheel," and "I Saw Greenland" which was the riskiest but ultimately the best song of the night! Thanks to my talented musical friends who played with me, and to everyone at the 400 Bar for hosting us!


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