Pleas for Attention: press kits, marketing, hype, and other showbiz necessities

I've reached the end of a showbiz journey. It's the completion of the birthing process, really. Like all other recording artists before me, I'm about to let my new album off into the world on its own.

The instrumental and vocal tracks of the Insomniaccomplishments CD were completed back in June this past Summer. After many years of assembling these songs (some of the recordings like "Daniel & Peter & Thomas" go back to 1999!) the audio portion of the album was sent off to be mastered and manufactured. Although I had copies of the CD for sale during my late Summer and Fall concerts, the album wasn't technically launched until now.

Lots has to happen before you loose a new album upon the media and the wider universe.
+ webpages must be updated
+ mailorder and online sales outlets must be established (Amazon, iTunes, etc.)
+ biographies and album one-sheets must be authored
+ press kits must be designed and duplicated
+ a release date and CD-release show must be scheduled a few months down the road, giving enough time for writers, bloggers, and radio hosts to check out advance copies of the album

With this new release, I decided to try something new...release the album in December. My crazy hope is that I might stand a chance for some media attention because no other records come out in December except for Holiday albums, box sets, and greatest hits collections. Plus, my album has many wintry songs ("December Chicago" most obviously, as track #1) so it seems like an appropriate time.
About 10 days ago I assembled all the official Insomniaccomplishments press kits to go out to the media.

+ a handwritten cover letter on Salt Lady Records letterhead asking the specific editor or writer to consider the album for review
+ a printed press release detailing the new album and the CD release shows coming up in December
+ the cute yellow press kit folder ("If life gives you insomnia, make Insomniaccomplishments.") with bio, quotes, and tear sheets from previous newspaper and magazine coverage.
+ a copy of the new album

Any of you who are interested in seeing what the press kit and press release looks like, you can download some samples of my media materials at my online press kit page.

From 1996 to 1999 I was a rock journalist at a now-defunct monthly music publication based in Chicago called Showcase Midwest. Back then I was on the press list for many major and indie record labels, and every week I'd get stacks of CDs and press kits sent me. I always try to remember what it was like to be the writer...what kind of stuff would I want to know about a new album or band?

So, the album is out there now, at all the Twin Cities-area media outlets, as well at some national publications. Insomniaccomplishments is a pretty unusual album, so that could be a help or a hindrance. In the next month or so, we'll see if anybody out there is interested. The ball is now in their court. If you are a music journalist or blogger or radio host, and would like to receive a copy of the album, please email me with your credentials and contact info:
rundman at msn dot com
I'll be happy to send a copy for your consideration.

And to my new album I say: Out of the nest and fly, little bird! You're on your own now!


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