Nice blog review of Sound Theology

It's always fun to discover new album reviews on-line! I just found a big and detailed review of my Sound Theology album at a blog, where it gets a 10-out-of-10 rating!

CLICK HERE to read the review from Reasonable Rantings and Raving Wisdom.

The writer also posts a nice mini-review of the Public Library album:

Jonathan Rundman-"Public Library" [2004] (8)-More creative songwriting from Rundman. Best song: "Smart Girls" which is love song praising the beauty of intelligence. Not as catchy or interesting as "Sound Theology" but still a solid album.


Anonymous said…
Apparently no one ever told me that you don't have a good voice (referring to this review). I have often told the truly great vocalists in my church that what I love about their singing is the way it allows me to hear the words.

The lyrics and the rock music drew me in initially, but your voice together with the words keeps me coming back to listen.

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