My "Best of the 20th Century" CD now available at the iTunes music store!

My newest release The Best of Jonathan Rundman: 20 Songs from the 20th Century is now available for downloading (only $0.99 per song!) at the iTunes Music Store! Click here to visit the store and listen to some audio samples.

Here's a list of the songs on the album.
  1. Tape
  2. Meeting Nixon
  3. The Princess Wants to Spend Her Time With Me
  4. Armyman
  5. Janesville
  6. Ask Me In Nebraska
  7. The Sound of the Cicadas
  8. Read The Signs
  9. Nothing Old Nothing New
  10. Continental Divide
  11. Front Row at the Fashion Show
  12. The "Con" Prefix Song
  13. Only If
  14. My Helen
  15. Brad N.
  16. This July
  17. Omaha
  18. These Months With You
  19. Grace is Crying Her Eyes Out
  20. No More Walls
If you haven't had a chance to purchase the CD version yet, please consider sucking the digital version directly into your computer and onto your iPod (although the actual CD comes packaged with the bonus album Myopia, featuring 20 additional songs!). And if you're thinking, "I don't need this, 'cause I have most of those songs from his earlier albums," well, you need to check out the re-vamped, re-mixed, and re-mastered quality of those old tunes, as well as a nice selection of previously unreleased gems from the 1990s. You're certain to enjoy the guest musicians on the album, too, including my cousin-in-law/guitarist Dag Juhlin (Poi Dog Pondering, Robert Pollard), guitarist/engineer Matt Patrick (Sarah Groves, Jason Gray), pianist George Baum (Lost And Found), drummer Pat Tomek (The Rainmakers), and liner notes by journalist/scientist Daniel Levitin (This is your Brain on Music).

Here are some demographics that are likely to enjoy the album:
+ people from Janesville, WI (or CA, or IA, or MN)
+ people from Omaha, specifically, or Nebraska in general
+ anyone named Brad N.
+ Edgar Allan Poe scholars
+ David Lynch film fans who appreciate actress Grace Zabriskie
+ mixtape aficionados
+ grammar and spelling teachers
+ pastoral interns
+ couples with July weddings
+ Vogue magazine subscribers

Oh, and feel free to add some customer reviews there at the iTunes store! And I'd love to be included in any playlists you'd like to add! Thanks!


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Zazous Project said…
Jonathan...I like you the song "I Gotta Problem"... I first heard of you on the Paste sampler - I LOVE Front Row.

I know this is not a post regarding Front Row, but I have to make a point on it...

Fashion Shows are such high class, flashy affairs, and I love the fact you did not write the song as a dance song or as a song you could image Seal singing as Heidi strides down the runway.

Instead, you wrote it as a hard pressed designer, over a very very low fi sound...amazing. The realism in your lyrics strike me every time I hear it... Great Stuff!!!!!!!!!!

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