My refrigerator magnet supports O.J. Simpson

So, we've got this digital kitchen timer that doubles as a fridge magnet. Recently its battery has started to die, and as a result the magnet has decided to publicly state its support for criminal/athlete/celebrity O.J. Simpson.

I'm not sure if the magnet is offering up its hearty "O.J. go!" message in regards to his football heyday, his slow-speed chase through the streets of Los Angeles, or his recent attempt to escape a robbery and kidnapping conviction, but it is certainly a undeniable voice of solidarity with Simpson.

All I know is when I go to the fridge to get me some juice, that simple task takes on a strange double meaning.


RevDrum said…
Hey Jonathan, I think your magnet is simply saying "drink some Orange Juice, then go" It's an admonition at this time of year to not dwell at the refrigerator too long and think about what else you might want to eat, but really don't need (but maybe I'm just reading that whole, "New Year's weight loss resolution" into it)
Bridget Delaney said…
This was a great blog! Now, if only I'd remember to take pictures of the odd things I see in my life . . . which reminds me that I need to see if I can find my battery for my digital camera to take to the Extravaganza! Eep! I told you - NOTHING done.

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