Last night's gig in Appleton w/ Beki Hemingway

Here's the view from the stage at our gig last night at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton, WI. It's a rare occasion I get to play at such a giant and beautiful and hi-tech venue, so yesterday was a total pleasure.

I was the guest musician at an ecumenical youth event, attended by 1700 people! The whole band came along: Troy Alexander on drums, John Kerns on bass, me on guitar, and special guest vocalist Beki Hemingway. Our music was woven throughout the event along with other cool things like an awesome drumline and a huge community choir. We played pieces from the Heartland Liturgy, a few rocked-up hymns, and the always-fun "Hey Hey Samuel," with everybody dancing and singing along.

Thanks to the ecumenical community in Appleton for working together so well, and inviting us to be a part of your gathering!

In addition to enjoying the event, Beki and I are staying with some formerly-Minnesotan friends, and we're getting to enjoy the sights and culture of downtown Appleton, WI. I've been to Appleton countless times, stopping along the highway and visiting the shopping mall, but I'd never been downtown (and along the river) before. Man, this town is beautiful! I'm very pleasantly surprised! Tonight Beki and I have a duet acoustic show at the Copper Rock Coffee Company, and we're looking forward to a more informal, loosey-goosey show. We'll post some photos and commentary here soon. Viva Appleton!


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