My celebrity lookalikes, as I near 36 years of age.

I just can't stop blogging! I must post again!

Next week's birthday celebration (age 36....whoo hooo...lots of factors!) is a big one, so it seemed like an appropriate time to check my celebrity look alikes. Here are the results:

Last time I did this cool face-recognition thing, I got some different matches. Donald Sutherland, Mia Farrow, etc. But there are some cool folks in this batch, too. I've got Hilary Duff's nose. Or she has mine. Or whatever.


Anne said…
Hmm. Most of them are quite a stretch but I do see some resemblance to Hugh Laurie. Never would have pulled that out of my hat, though. Did you guys enjoy your trip treats?
shaungroves said…
I can't believe it didn't come up with Anthony Michael Hall. That's you, man. Totally.

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