Moving the Blog from MySpace

I've been blogging for a year and half over on MySpace. When I started, MySpace was populated by young adults, music fans, and musicians. A pretty ideal place. In the past few months, though, I've been annoyed by the evolution of MySpace. These days I'm seeing it as mostly a commerical hype engine for bands, and a romantic networking site for middle schoolers.

Many people (mostly adults older than myself) have told me that they are regular readers of my MySpace blog, but they never post comments because they don't want the hassle of signing up for their own MySpace account. I don't blame them at all. What a drag!

So here I am on Blogger. My hope is that this blog will create much more momentum and allow interactivity from anybody who wants to comment, regardless of their MySpaceability. I'm gonna post this post, see how she looks, tweak the template if necessary, and begin the switcheroo process.

However, I'm gonna miss that cool feature on the MySpace blog where you can include a graphic of the album that you're currently listening to! Oh well...a small sacrifice for actual usability.

I'll still be on MySpace doing the schmooze with the music fans that ARE there, but hopefully this blog can get its own thang going...

It's been a big day for me: Dawn went back to work and I cared for TWO KIDS by myself all day for the very first time. It was kinda tough, but I think we'll all get better at it. Okay, time to upload.


kckids said…
got here from the rainmakers message board, thanks, good read. We consider Bob a local treasure.
Be sure to listen to some of the shows posted at , you might especially enjoy this one

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