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Best Albums of 2017

I found a lot of musical treasures in 2017. Here are my favorites: PHOEBE BRIDGERS: Stranger In The Alps I've played this song "Motion Sickness" more than any other in 2017. The vibe, lyrics, melody, production, arrangement, vocal performance, and even the video... a masterpiece. PARAMORE: After Laughter As an album-wide statement, nothing has delighted me more in 2017 than this. JULIANA HATFIELD: Pussycat I needed this concept album in 2017. Cathartic, harrowing, and therapeutic in Trump's America. STYX: The Mission Wow. One of the greatest Styx albums, almost 50 years into their career. So fun to listen to this album with my 13 year old son! CHUCK PROPHET: Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins Song after song after song after excellent song. And all interesting and memorable! AIMEE MANN: Mental Illness Her album this year is an acoustic triumph. BRUCE COCKBURN: Bone On Bone He's as vital as ever at age 72.

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